Red Fish 3: Laila Biali

Man, what do you say about this woman? She’s amazing. She’s kind. She’s charming and funny and REAL. And her music is so groove infested you just want to get up and dance. I’ve been following Laila for years - and I remember thinking about 10 years ago - man, I wish she’d do original music - and now she is! And it’s GREAT! Don’t get me wrong - she has some truly INSPIRING covers - Yellow, by Coldplay - and I heard a Joni cover of Woodstock that was so original and beautiful it took your breath away. She also performed a Randy Newman song - and woah. Blows your socks off. She was accompanied by Matt Aranoff on bass and Jared Schoenig on drums - two stellar jazz/contemporary musicians that have all the right things to say. They both took several solos during the night - phenomenal. Definitely worth going to hear if she rolls through your town!