Kat Reinhert writes and sings songs that bring a refreshing sense of true innovation to the intertwining worlds of jazz and popular music.  With honesty and insight, she writes and interprets lyrics with a wisdom beyond her years, creating beautiful, haunting, and charming stories that move past any limitation of the idioms.

Kat’s 2009 self-produced CD, Chrysalis, contains all original material she composed and arranged.  It has been hailed by critics as “a work of great subtlety and nuance,” for her ability to effortlessly join the worlds of singer-songwriter and jazz.  The album holds many of these gems including: Rufus, about her large and sometimes not so in-charge bed, See It Rise, linking the building of a house to leaving and moving on from a difficult space, and A Rose, a striking and beautiful love song.

Kat's sophomore album, Spark, released in the summer of 2015, gained critical acclaim as a work of great subelty and nuance.  With Spark, Ms. Reinhert turns the focus of her creativity back toward her original music, creating an album that is at once poignant and hopeful, and highlights her growth as a songwriter. She does not shy away from difficult subject matter, yet her delivery engages the listener to make the journey with her.  Enlisting the skill and expertise of David Cook as producer and pianist, along with her current aforementioned band, Spark truly lives up to its name, bringing a new energy and dynamic to Kat’s growing body of work. 

Reinhert enlisted pianist David Cook as her co­producer and co-arranger. Each number is concise and well-shaped, leaving room for instrumental expression without becoming bloated or going off the rails. Joining Reinhert and Cook on the majority of the tracks are bassist Sam Minaie, who proves to be a standout soloist and a support pillar; guitarist Perry Smith, a sonic sorcerer who captures the emotional intent of the music with his tasteful yet dramatic touches; and drummer Ross Pederson, a believer in serve-the-song drumming who can also turn into a live wire at times. Additional musicians-supremely gifted vocalists Jo Lawry and Shayna Steele among them-make guest appearances and further enhance the specific psychological and spiritual qualities attached to these songs.

With Home Movie, to be released fully in late 2017, Kat makes the choice to step away from original music and instead spin her talents into arranging songs that have been in her lexicon for some time.  Home Movie is a collection of standards and covers that musically trace her journey from childhood to present day with inventive arrangements of songs from such diverse influences as Rogers and Hammerstein, Neil Young, and the Foo Fighters.  Critics are already saying that Home Movie ‘…contains no less of a wow factor (than Chyrsalis)’, and features Sam Minaie on bass, Perry Smith on guitar, and Ross Pederson on drums.

Kat is currently in the beginning phases of a fourth record of original music.  As yet untitled, it will pull from songs conceived and written over the course of a three year ‘artist retreat and hiatus’ Ms. Reinhert took while completing her doctorate at the University of Miami.  Moving further into a more folk and singer-songwriter vibe, these songs are sure to delight listeners.  Look for it sometime in late 2018. 

Vocalist Kat Reinhert grew up in rural Wisconsin, where she was surrounded by music, which lead her to pursue a music degree at Lawrence University.  She began studying with noted Jazz composer, arranger, and trumpeter, Ken Schaphorst, which lead her to fall in love with Jazz.  Wanting to gain a deeper experience, she moved to New York City in the Fall of 1996 to attend the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, where she began working with such noted musicians as Peter Eldridge, Jane Monheit, Chris Bergson, and Travis Sullivan and received a BM in Jazz/Commercial music.  Kat continued to hone her craft in New York until 2005 when she moved to Miami to pursue and ultimately achieve, an MM in Jazz Pedagogy from the University of Miami, FL.  While there, she had the opportunity to work with such noted artists as John Secada, Raul Midon, and Johnny Rodgers.  Returning to NYC, she began working with her Spark band consisting of Perry Smith, Sam Mianie, and Ross Pederson. Kat has performed at venues such as Smalls, Cornelia Street Café, The Bitter End, and the Hot Jazz for Cool Nights Festival; and with such noted musicians as Anat Fort, Perry Smith, Ross Pederson, Sam Minaie, Julia Pederson, Cameron Brown, Sean Nowell, Jamie Leonhart, Nir Felder, Anne Philips, Pete McCann, David Cook, Jordan Perlson, and Peter Eldridge. 

In addition to songwriting and performing, Ms. Reinhert is a sought after voice teacher, clinician and educator and is equally at home on the stage or with students.  She is certified in Somatic Voicework ™ The LoVetri Method, and has gained many accolades for her ability to work with young singers and help them fulfill their goals.  To further explore the voice, popular music in higher education, songwriting, and social community, Kat has currently completed coursework on a doctorate at The University of Miami where she worked closely with the Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music.  She is currently the Head of Contemporary Voice at The University of Miami, as well as the Vice President of The Association for Popular Music Education. 

With several tours on the horizon, new songs to be arranged and written, several new musical projects on the horizon, and continuing to pursue her passion for popular music education, Ms. Reinhert is on the road to higher ground and with what lies behind her, there is no doubt that only more wonderful collaborations, music, and opportunities lie ahead.