Individual instruction to enhance performance. 

An invaluable experience and an opportunity to work with a truly gifted educator, songwriter, musician, and voice specialist.

Participants will have the opportunity to work one on one with Kat.  Can be structured for the individual performer, or for an ensemble.  Ms. Reinhert will listen and to your students perform and then offer advice, suggestions and assistance to enhance the performance.  Students will then perform the piece again and discuss their experiences.  Options include individual voice, songwriting, and jazz, as well as jazz or popular music ensembles.

Engaging interactive performance

A wonderful opportunity to have a gifted group of musicians and educators engage with your students.  

Kat and members of her band will visit your institution and give a performance followed by a question and answer period. Students will have the opportunity to ask the performers questions about their approach to songwriting, singing, instruments, the music, what they heard, where we are from…the list is endless.  Ms. Reinhert will tailor her performance to be appropriate in length and format for each audience.