by Kat Reinhert

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Dealing with everything from love and shame to fear of success, Spark is a collection of 12 original songs and a bonus cover of Rush’s “Limelight.” With honesty and insight, she writes and interprets lyrics with wisdom beyond her years, creating beautiful, haunting, and charming stories that move past any limitation of the idioms. Reinhert’s goal was to create an album that was both poignant and hopeful, and highlights her growth as a songwriter. She does not shy away from difficult subject matter – including reflecting on her divorce as well as shame and body image insecurities – and creates a delivery that engages the listener to make the journey with her. Reinhert also delves into her love affair with New York City and its undeniable energy. Enlisting the skill and expertise of David Cook as producer and pianist, along with her virtuosic band, Spark truly delivers, bringing a new energy and dynamic to Reinhert‘s growing body of work. 

Perry Smith, guitar

Sam Minaie, bass

Ross Pederson, drums

David Cook, bass

Julia Pederson, electric bass

Jody Redhage, cello

Jo Lawry, Shayna Steele, Sarah Tolar, bvgs

David Cook, producer