The vocal cords are not just a part of the body.  Just as vocal lessons with Kat are not just singing lessons.  Working with Kat made me aware of the anatomy of my instrument as well as provided me with the tools to utilize, strengthen, and maintain my voice.  Only a professor so deeply passionate about their craft would dedicate themselves to study the art of vocalization.  I am just lucky enough that Kat could share her passion with me. - Jared
I loved the way Kat continued to demand more from me. This is something that I am used to seeing in the classical groups I play with but had never really seen from a jazz coach. She made me think about jazz and improvisation in ways I never had previously. - Rafael
Kat's way of teaching is life changing and affected me not only in my music, but in my life. Most importantly she taught me the meaning and importance of confidence and belief in yourself. Kat showed me how to become comfortable and in love with my voice and talent. - Sydney
Beyond technique, a lesson with Kat is one in confidence, self-respect, and the true emotion behind music that makes us feel. Kat doesn't teach singing, she teaches performing. I am more comfortable with my vocal and stage presence now then I ever have been- and being able to breath correctly and sing with ease doesn't hurt either. - Alex