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I love sharing my music with as many people as possible - especially those I have the opportunity to meet in person!  House concerts are a great way to have an exciting evening in your home with live music.  We provide the live music, you provide the space and the listeners.  If you're interested in learning more, here are some simple guidelines:


Date & Time:  You choose.  If we are nearby and available, we would love to perform.  Generally, concerts are about an hour in length, with some time on the front and back end for socializing and meeting the artists. 


Space: Not much is required. Most often we perform in cozy living rooms where furniture has been arranged to provide a good audio/visual experience for 20 – 40 people. Some hosts set up folding chairs in rows and some have a more casual arrangement.  For outdoor shows, we almost always require a sound system. I can consult with you about renting or borrowing a basic one that can provide just enough reinforcement so the music can be heard by everyone attending.


Audience: This could be all friends and family, or you could open it up at your discretion   to interested fans who may contact you by email or phone.


Price: We ask that guests contribute (on an honor system) $20, more or less, at the door to pay the band and cover expenses. Perhaps a small container with a sign as a reminder is placed near the entrance. The hosts typically do not take a portion of this, though sometimes a percentage can be designated to a local charity.


Refreshments: This is up to you -- a multi-course potluck extravaganza, wine and cheese, or chips and salsa and beer.


Noise: The idea is that this is a concert, not a cocktail party, and talk is kept to a minimum so that audience members and performers can benefit from a pristine listening environment.


Miscellaneous:  If you would like help in creating invitations or fliers, please let me know. We are more than happy to provide you with a template, photos, or finished product based on your specifications.  A merchandise table is also something to consider.  It would be a place for the artists to sell their CDs, t-shirts, and can be great way for the fans to stay connected to the artists even after the concert is over.